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Crypto Champion Unveils its Official Launch Date with Major NFT Update

Geneva, Switzerland, 22nd April 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, The Crypto Champion team has an important announcement for all gaming and NFT enthusiasts. On April 24th, the highly anticipated official launch of Crypto Champion will finally happen. 

This launch will mark the completion of a major milestone in the team’s roadmap. With a dual token system and upcoming NFTs, Crypto Champion wants to propose something new to Web3 gaming fans. 

Upcoming Official Launch

In only a few days – on April 24th – the Crypto Champion game will officially launch. After almost three years of development, the game is finally ready for its debut. The team has waited until the end of the market downturn to have a complete product before launching their token.

The launch will be fair, without VC funding, and accessible to everyone simultaneously. The game brings something new to the table with its NFT state-of-the-art update feature. The project also proposes full compatibility with both iOS and Android systems. 

The team has also announced that NFTs will be available for purchase a few hours after the stealth launch.

The project’s gameplay lets players build a team of Crypto Champions, equipping them with weapons, and compete in the arena. Five different races to choose from—Undead, Elite Military, Cyberpunk, Western, and Fantasian—all scenarios are open. 

Each champion has unique traits and specs based on their class and luck:

  • Undead champions are melee heroes with low speed and health but high strength. 
  • Elite Military champions have low agility and speed but high health. 
  • Cyberpunk champions have low health and agility but high speed and shooting skills. 
  • Western champions have low strength and speed but high agility. 
  • Fantasian champions are balanced and rare with both epic and magical weapons.

As an extra layer of excitement, the team made it so that pets are also available in this game. These pets have a link to the champion and once they evolve, anyone can sell them for NFTs. These pets will provide extra strength and an advantage in battles.

The Project’s Dual Token System Explained

The Crypto Champion project relies on two native cryptocurrencies:

  • The Crypto Champion Gems ($CCG) is the project’s governance and utility token.
  • The Crypto Champion Mushrooms ($CCM) serves as the in-game currency for players. 

$CCG has various features, such as automatic holder reflection, deflationary mechanisms, and a locked liquidity pool. These features ensure a fair and equitable launch for $CCG, with no in-game gas fees for players. 

Additionally, $CCG holders can mint NFTs and weapons while earning airdrops and staking their tokens. $CCG also has significant governance utility, allowing holders to participate in the project’s decision-making. Users can play with their tokens in-game without any gas fee. The supply is limited.

On the other hand, $CCM is solely a utility token, with no team or partner token allocation. It also has features like locked liquidity, staking options, and play-to-earn capabilities within the game. While the supply has to be unlimited by the game’s features, the token should be mostly deflationary. 

Both $CCG and $CCM also have a 3% tax fee on buys. In the case of $CCG, this fee goes towards marketing, development, liquidity, and holder reflection. For $CCM, the tax fee funds marketing, development, and liquidity. 

Both tokens also have locked liquidity for added security. The project’s dual token system provides flexibility and utility for governance and in-game use. 

$CCG and $CCM holders can engage in various activities within the Crypto Champion ecosystem. These include staking, earning rewards, and purchasing items, among others.

The token contracts are open-source. $CCG is going to be released on the 24th of April with a stealth launch, and $CCM is going to be launched later with a presale. 

About Crypto Champion

Crypto Champion is an upcoming mobile/browser NFT game with play-to-earn mechanics and true digital ownership. Players can fight with NFTs, earn tokens, and upgrade their champions to become the best in the Arena. 

It has been in development since 2022 and will be available for free on web browsers, iOS, and Android stores. Focusing on PvP battles and item collections, Crypto Champion offers a unique arena fighting experience for its community. 

Players can join clubs, complete leagues, and discover new content as they go on with the game. The NFT aspect adds an extra layer of excitement, as players fully own their in-game assets. 

With its April 24th launch, Crypto Champion has all the potential to become the next big thing in Web3 gaming. The project’s dual token system, with $CCG and $CCM, offers both governance and utility for players. 

Anyone curious to explore the possibilities of play-to-earn gaming and true digital ownership should visit Crypto Champion’s official website. All the social pages below represent the best way to follow the team’s latest developments and news. 

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