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Discovering the World through Maps: A Q&A with Historic Map Collector Jennifer Baccanello

United Kingdom, 17th Jun 2024, King NewsWire – Jennifer Baccanello, an international relations graduate, has turned a childhood fascination with maps into a passionate and scholarly pursuit. As a renowned collector of historic maps from various regions and periods, Jennifer shares her unique journey, revealing the deep connections she has forged through her extraordinary collection.

Unveiling the Journey

How did your interest in collecting historic maps begin?

“My fascination with maps began early on when I stumbled upon boxes of historic maps passed down through generations in my family,” Jennifer recalls. “Each map offered a glimpse into different cultures, histories, and landscapes, sparking my curiosity about the world.”

The Allure of Historic Maps

What draws you to historic maps specifically?

“Historic maps are more than geographical artifacts; they are windows to the past. They illustrate how societies perceived and navigated the world centuries ago, capturing the spirit of exploration and the evolution of human knowledge,” Jennifer explains. Her keen interest lies in the narratives that these maps unveil, portraying the adventures and discoveries of bygone eras.

Sourcing Treasures

How do you source your maps?

“I source maps from antique shops and local markets during my travels,” Jennifer shares. “Each acquisition is a quest for maps that resonate with me aesthetically and offer insights into different epochs of human history.”

Inspiring a New Generation

Why do you think young people should consider getting into map collecting?

“Map collecting is not just about accumulating artifacts; it’s a journey of discovery and learning,” Jennifer emphasizes. “It encourages critical thinking, enhances geographical literacy, and provides a tangible link to our shared human heritage. Young collectors can explore diverse cultures, uncover forgotten narratives, and develop a deeper understanding of our world’s interconnectedness.”

Guidance for Aspiring Collectors

What advice would you give to young people interested in starting a map collection?

“Start with maps that intrigue you personally,” Jennifer advises. “Whether it’s exploring ancient civilizations, tracking explorers’ journeys, or delving into geopolitical shifts, let your curiosity guide your collection. Researching the authenticity and provenance of maps adds layers of meaning to your acquisitions.”

Jennifer Baccanello’s passion for map collecting transcends the simple act of gathering historical artifacts. It illuminates the intersections of history, culture, and geography, offering profound insights into humanity’s past. Her dedication not only enriches her understanding of the world but also inspires others to embark on their own journeys of exploration through cartography.

Follow Jennifer’s Adventures

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About Jennifer Baccanello

Jennifer Baccanello is an international relations graduate and a passionate collector of historic maps. Through her extensive travels and meticulous research, Jennifer has curated a collection that spans various regions and periods, offering a unique glimpse into the world’s rich cartographic history. Her work not only preserves these valuable artifacts but also educates and inspires future generations of map enthusiasts.

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