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England, 22/04/2024 – Flavor Blaster, the visionary leader in beverage innovation, proudly announces its unwavering commitment to transforming the hospitality industry through its revolutionary flavor enhancing technology. With a primary focus on serving the hospitality industry, including bars, restaurants, hotels, and casinos across the United States, Flavor Blaster continues to set new standards for creativity and excellence in the world of mixology.

The inception of Flavor Blaster stemmed from a vision to inject excitement and theatrics into the drinking experience. Colin Myers, an Australian native with a rich background in the UK’s dynamic bar and leisure industry, collaborated with manufacturing expert Robert Flunder to bring this vision to fruition. Together, they embarked on a journey to create a product that would captivate patrons worldwide. Drawing upon the expertise of flavor scientists and acclaimed mixologist Simone Caporale, Flavor Blaster emerged in 2018 as the first-ever handheld device to utilize technology for creating edible bubbles, flavor mist, and smoke clouds, using all-natural ingredients.

One of Flavor Blaster’s most notable developments is the Jetchill Twin Probe, a revolutionary tool designed to advance the art of mixology by producing captivating dry ice beverages. The Jetchill Twin Probe is far more than just an ornament; it rejuvenates gatherings and provides sensory delight. This unique technology elevates any occasion into an extraordinary experience by sparking conversation and delighting the senses. The Jetchill Twin Probe, renowned for its ability to produce captivating dry ice beverages, sets the stage for extraordinary cocktails, elevating any occasion into an unforgettable experience. With its own specialized glassware tailored to the complexities of the machine, the Jetchill Twin Probe ensures optimal performance and safety. Meanwhile, Flavor Blaster’s signature glassware complements the Flavour Blaster Pro 2 model, enhancing the presentation and sensory appeal of each drink, ensuring that every sip is a delight for both the eye and the palate. In addition to the Jetchill twin probe, Flavor Blaster proudly presents the Pro 2 aroma gun, the latest iteration of its flagship product. Building on the success of the original Aroma Gun Kit, the Pro 2 continues to push the boundaries of innovation with its patented technology and versatility. Whether it’s a signature cocktail at a high-end bar or a special event, the Aroma Gun Kit Pro 2 is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Flavor Blaster is committed to pushing the boundaries of mixology and shaping the future of the cocktail and hospitality industry. Flavor Blaster invites businesses to join them at the forefront of mixology and experience the thrill of unparalleled creativity.

“At Flavor Blaster, our mission is simple yet profound: to empower businesses to unleash their creativity and deliver unparalleled experiences,” states Colin Myers, CEO of Flavor Blaster. “We believe in pushing the boundaries of traditional mixology and providing our clients with the tools to elevate their offerings.”

What distinguishes Flavor Blaster is its unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction and product excellence. “We saw Flavor Blaster in action at a prestigious Disney restaurant, and we were blown away by the creativity it brought to the dining experience,” says Jane Doe, Marketing Manager of a leading hospitality group. “Since then, we’ve implemented Flavor Blaster in our own venues, and it has become a favorite for us.” From iconic establishments like Disney restaurants and celebrity-endorsed venues to partnerships with esteemed brands like Diageo, Flavor Blaster has made a significant impact on the global hospitality landscape.

With a diverse community of “Bubbleheads” spanning 112 countries, Flavor Blaster has become synonymous with professionalism, quality, and innovation.

“Our partnership with Flavor Blaster has been transformative,” enthuses Mark H, a verified buyer. “Their product has not only enhanced our offerings but has also sparked a new wave of creativity among our team.”

In addition to its product excellence, Flavor Blaster’s strategic marketing initiatives have played a pivotal role in solidifying its position as an industry leader. Collaborations with influencers, strategic partnerships with companies like Webstaurant, and targeted advertising campaigns have amplified Flavor Blaster’s reach and impact. Notable brand ambassador Simone Caporale’s recognition as the winner of the World’s Best Bar award and the popularity of his signature drink at Sips in Barcelona underscore Flavor Blaster’s global influence on mixology..

Looking towards the future, Flavor Blaster remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and shaping the future of the cocktail and hospitality industry as they invite businesses to join them at the forefront of mixology and experience the thrill of unparalleled creativity.

“We’re thrilled to introduce these exciting new products to the market,” says Robert Flunder, CEO of Flavor Blaster. “At Flavor Blaster, we’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of mixology and providing our customers with the tools they need to create unforgettable experiences. With patented aroma gun, Jetchill twin probe, unique and exciting accessories and ingredients, we’re confident that we’re offering something truly special to our clients and we keep that as a priority.”

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About Flavor Blaster:

Flavor Blaster is a leading provider of flavor enhancing technology, empowering bars, restaurants, hotels, and casinos to elevate their offerings and inspire mixology and culinary creativity. With a focus on innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Flavor Blaster is redefining the art of mixology and setting new standards for food and beverage excellence.

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