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Heron Intelligent Equipment announces the expansion of metal joining products and solutions in North America

Danville, United States, Jan. 12, 2024: Heron Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd, a leading provider of resistance welding and automation machinery solutions, has established a new office in the United States. The newly registered businesss in Indiana, Heron Technologies USA, offers Heron an opportunity to serve a fast-growing customer base in green manufacturing in North America.

Heron, established in 1991, is a world leading manufacturer of metal joining equipment. The business covers three technologies: resistance welding, clinching and riveting. Heron is a supplier to some of the leading automakers and appliance manufacturers in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Heron Technologies USA will offer a range of standard products and customisable services, including design, manufacturing, installation, commission, training and product development.

Curently Heron has a R&D and global production base of 50,000+ square meters and employs more than 400 people, including 100 R&D engineers. Heron’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to green and intelligent manufacturing.

Adam Blaikie has been appointed acting President of Heron Technologies USA.

“We aim to better serve our clients’ expansion and partner with e-mobility manufacturers throughout the production process from R&D to full-scale manufacturing.” said Rene Zou, Head of International Business Development & ESG. “The U.S. is a logical first step for us in North America.” 


Heron Intelligent Equipment Co. Ltd. is a high-tech metal connection equipment manufacturer that specialises in the R&D and manufacturing of resistance welding, clinching and riveting technology. Established in 1991, Heron has developed advanced welders and automated production lines for customers in the automotive parts & components, compressor, low-voltage electronics, home appliances, industrial manufacturing and maintenance, among other industries. In 2023, Heron had more than 400 skilled employees and a factory of 54,000 square meters.

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Rene Zou, Head of International Business Development & ESG, Heron Intelligent Equipment, 

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