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Insect Pioneers Blockchain Innovation with New Launchpad, Play-to-Earn Game, and Exclusive NFT Rewards

Insect, a pioneering project on the TON blockchain, has recently achieved significant milestones, capturing substantial attention and support within the crypto community. The project has successfully distributed over $600,000 to NFT holders and has implemented a strategic burn of 15% of its supply, setting a new benchmark for blockchain initiatives. The Insect ecosystem includes a robust platform, a dedicated community on Telegram, and active engagement on X (formerly Twitter). With its presence on CoinGecko and detailed trading information available on GeckoTerminal, the project offers transparency and ease of access for investors.


The benefits provided by Insect’s NFTs are particularly noteworthy. VIP NFT holders receive 0.5% dividends from trading volume, enjoy double rewards in play-to-earn games, and have VIP access to the launchpad. Exclusive NFT holders benefit from a 50% share of launchpad revenue and 50% of the trending bot revenue. Both categories are limited to just 100 NFTs each, ensuring exclusivity and high value for the holders.

Insect has also recently launched a play-to-earn game available on their website. Users can play the game for free, earning rewards and participating in tournaments. However, only those who hold the project’s NFTs and tokens are eligible to play, adding further value and incentive for holders.

Additionally, Insect has built a launchpad called INSPAD on their platform, which allows crypto projects to distribute tokens and raise liquidity. INSPAD aims to list the best and most unique projects, providing them with a platform to raise liquidity and funds, thereby fostering growth and innovation within the blockchain community.

Insect is actively trending within the TON blockchain community, supported by platforms dedicated to new project growth. This project demonstrates a strong commitment to transparency, community engagement, and sustained growth. The distribution of significant dividends and the strategic burning of tokens highlight Insect’s dedication to increasing value and scarcity, benefiting both the community and the broader blockchain environment.

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About Insect:

 Insects Futures is a pioneering project on the TON blockchain, dedicated to providing value to its community through innovative financial mechanisms, exclusive NFT benefits, and a commitment to sustainable practices.

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