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Li Siya’s self-confidence speech on Chinese culture at the United Nations Youth Forum caused an international sensation


In the wave of globalization, the unique charm of Chinese culture is gradually being recognized and appreciated worldwide. As an ambassador for China’s intangible cultural heritage and a pioneer of the national trend culture, Li Siya, the United Nations Chinese youth representative, shared her insights on the United Nations stage. Her topic focused on how to enhance national cultural soft power and Chinese cultural confidence. During the discussion on “Promoting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Eradicating Poverty in Times of Multiple Crises: Proposing Sustainable, Resilient, and Innovative Solutions,” she captivated the audience with her humorous, direct, and vivid integration of practical theory, drawing attention from representatives of various countries. She emphasized that as youth, women, or members of any social strata or ethnicity, it is crucial to remain practical, innovative, and globally oriented.

Facing new challenges and opportunities, China must be an open and inclusive country. She observed that initiatives like the “Belt and Road” and the “Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank” are thriving internationally, and the concept of a “Community with a Shared Future for Mankind” is spreading globally. She believes China is destined to be prosperous and peaceful, as evidenced by the decisive phase of poverty alleviation efforts, continuous implementation of rural revitalization, and comprehensive development of science, education, culture, health, and sports. Moreover, China is set to be advanced and powerful, as seen through its global leadership in quantum communication and the expertise in “reaching the skies” and “diving into the seas.” China is also to be harmonious and beautiful, driven by environmental tax laws compelling heavily polluting industries to transform and upgrade, the River Chief System ensuring clean rivers flow eastward, and the green forestry of Saihanba looking lush and vibrant, deeply embedding the belief that “green mountains and clear waters are gold and silver mines.”

The name Li Siya has become a bright symbol of China’s intangible cultural heritage internationally. Her artistic endeavors are not just a heritage of traditional culture but also a revolution of innovation. Her original music works, such as “Greater Bay Area YOUNGSTYLE,” “Welcome to Shenzhen,” “Rising CHAOYANG,”  “Yue Yun Fei Yang and” “Chenpi Taste ” not only resonate widely but also ingeniously blend cyberpunk, virtual reality, and other modern elements with traditional Chinese intangible cultural heritage. This new form of music showcases the charm and confidence of Chinese traditional culture to the world, reflecting the spirit of innovation and integration of the youth. Her works have achieved high societal impact and increasing attention, with millions of fans online.


It is reported that as the only specially invited representative from the arts sector, Li Siya was invited last year to attend the United Nations High-Level Political Forum, where she shared China’s successful experiences in sustainable development and conveyed the Chinese youth’s belief and commitment to actively participating in sustainable development. By using music and art as a medium to share experiences in sustainable development, she has injected more vitality and creativity into the sustainable development process. She will also call on youth worldwide to work together to explore paths of sustainable development and contribute to building a more peaceful, fair, and inclusive world.


This year, she has once again received an invitation from the UN Economic and Social Council to participate in the 2024 United Nations Economic and Social Council Youth Forum. Participants will engage in brainstorming, interactive dialogues, panel discussions, and various side events around the annual themes of the UN Economic and Social Council and the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.