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Nvidia-Backed Startup Synthesia Launches AI Avatars Capable of Conveying Human Emotions

AI startup Synthesia has recently announced the launch of “Expressive Avatars,” AI-generated digital personas that can convey human emotions including happiness, sadness, and frustration.- Supported by American chip manufacturing titan Nvidia, the company raised$90 million last year and is now valued at approximately $1 billion.

Las Vegas, United States, 26th Apr 2024 – The Nvidia-supported AI company Synthesia has introduced a new wave of AI-generated digital avatars that can convey human emotions using text inputs provided by users.

Nvidia-Backed Startup Synthesia Launches AI Avatars Capable of Conveying Human Emotions

The company’s “Expressive Avatars” aim to blur the lines between the virtual and the real. They streamline the professional video production process by eliminating the need for cameras, microphones, actors, lengthy editing, and other costs. Synthesia operates a studio in London where actors read scripts in front of green screens to train the system.

During a demonstration, the company showcased how inserting three lines of text—”I am happy. I am sad. I am frustrated.”—into its platform led to a video where the AI-generated actor responded by reading the text in tones matching each respective emotion.

Synthesia claims that its technology is used by over 55,000 businesses, including half of the Fortune 100 companies, to create digital avatars for corporate presentations and training videos.

Established in 2017, Synthesia has become one of the UK’s newer AI “unicorn” companies. Investors such as Accel, Kleiner Perkins, GV, FirstMark Capital, and MMC are also shareholders.

Addressing concerns that its videos could be used to create fake news, Synthesia has stated that only publishers registered as corporate clients can produce synthetic avatars, and all content created using its technology is moderated.

Moreover, Synthesia requires all new clients to undergo a rigorous “Know Your Customer” process, similar to those used in the banking industry, to prevent bad actors from creating fake corporate profiles to spread misinformation.

According to an analysis by Block Harbor, the emergence of AI digital personas will accelerate the world’s pursuit of authenticity. This represents not only a technological advancement but also indicates new ways of accepting and integrating the virtual with the real.

Synthesia has stated that it is prepared for the upcoming global elections, having implemented a series of controls to ensure its platform is not misused by hostile actors attempting to manipulate various voting outcomes.

As a member of the Content Authenticity and Provenance Alliance, the company is committed to implementing content credentials and digital “watermarks” on AI-generated content to ensure audiences are aware that the content they are viewing is produced by AI, not humans.

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