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Pink Elements relies on AI to make environmental information understandable

Germany, 16th Apr 2024 – Transparent environmental information on the quality of drinking water and air will have a lasting impact on consumer behaviour. Pink Elements defines itself as a community-driven, AI-supported, decentralised platform for environmental information such as drinking water quality on the Web3. The company’s vision is to make current environmental data accessible in a decentralised, transparent, and generally understandable way with its app. Thanks to efficient data standardisation and support from artificial intelligence (AI), Pink Elements is able to make analysis data from different sources comparable and interpretable. The launch of the native Pink Token on the Solana platform on April 25th 2024 is intended to drive the development of Pink Elements’ Web3 environmental database and ensure sustainable growth. 

The raw data of a drinking water analysis is incomprehensible to most people and therefore not very helpful. In addition, there are no standards that make it easy to compare the analyses. The central service of Pink Elements’ Web3 database solution is therefore to automatically process the heterogeneous drinking water analysis data available on the Internet and make it comparable and transparent. 

The database solution from Pink Elements, which will be presented to the public shortly, automatically collects and processes publicly available analysis data on water quality with the help of AI. The advanced algorithms interpret complex environmental data and explain it in a way that is understandable to everyone. This is crucial for a rapidly growing user base, from environmentally and health-conscious citizens to scientists and authorities. 

AI makes analysis data comparable 

AI-supported data analysis will be a powerful feature for users of Pink Elements, as it makes analysis data understandable for non-experts. AI also makes it possible to make data more meaningful, recognise correlations more quickly, and draw conclusions from historical data trends. For comprehensive forecasting models, different data levels are linked together, e.g. water quality data with weather data or geological data, in order to identify mutual influences. 

Reliability: Automated data analysis eliminates human error and delivers precise results that enable well-founded decisions and effective measures. 

Big data: AI algorithms process large data sets provided by users quickly and efficiently. This provides quick access to valuable insights into environmental risks, trends, and patterns. 

Informed decision-making: Through data analysis with AI, Pink Elements increases the value of environmental data by providing understandable, actionable insights and recommendations. 

Proactive risk mitigation: AI-supported analyses can recognise patterns and thus identify potential risks and problems for water quality in the future. This allows risks to be proactively addressed and preventative measures to be taken. 

The AI is continuously trained to interpret/data analyse drinking water analysis data. 

Community-driven, AI-based platform for environmental information 

Pink Elements is passionate about positive environmental change, knowledge sharing, participation, and transparency. The aim is to make the Pink Elements app the world’s most detailed water and environmental database on the web3.  

The introduction of the Pink Token is intended to incentivise more environmental commitment.  As the native cryptocurrency of the Pink Elements ecosystem, the Pink Token serves as a micropayment method for all transactions and reward users who contribute valuable environmental data and actively participate in community initiatives. Whether they are submitting data, analysing information or simply accessing valuable knowledge, they play a crucial role in building a more sustainable future for water quality management. 

Pink Elements AG was founded in 2021 to create an independent and global social platform for the simple exchange of relevant environmental data, such as drinking water or air quality, which will be accessible to everyone – a kind of Wikipedia of environmental data. The aim is to make the Pink Elements app the most detailed water and environmental database available worldwide. 

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