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Piranha Tattoo Studio Expands Offerings with Premier Piercing Services in Vaughan

Vaughan, Ontario – [23 April, 2024] – Piranha Tattoo Studio, a staple in the Vaughan arts community known for its exceptional tattoo artistry, is thrilled to announce the expansion of its services to include professional body piercing. This new service aims to provide clients with a safe, hygienic, and creative environment to explore body art in its many forms.

Located in the heart of Vaughan, Piranha Tattoo Studio has been a destination for tattoo enthusiasts seeking unique and personalized tattoo experiences. With the addition of body piercing, the studio is set to become Vaughan’s go-to spot for those looking to express themselves through both tattoos and piercings.

“Our clients have been asking for professional piercing services for some time, and we are excited to finally offer this in our Vaughan studio,” said the founder of Piranha Tattoo Studio. “We believe that body art is an integral part of personal expression, and we are here to support our clients’ journey with our expertise and care.”

Piranha Tattoo Studio’s new piercing service will be led by experienced piercers who are well-versed in the latest techniques and follow the strictest hygiene standards. The studio offers a wide range of piercing options, using only high-quality, surgical-grade jewelry to ensure the best results and care for their clients.

Clients looking to book a piercing or tattoo appointment can visit the studio’s website at or call directly to speak with a specialist.

About Piranha Tattoo Studio

Piranha Tattoo Studio is renowned for its artistic and innovative approach to tattoos and body art. Located in Vaughan, Ontario, the studio offers a range of creative services in a welcoming and inclusive environment. With a team of highly skilled artists and now professional piercers, Piranha Tattoo is dedicated to providing exceptional and personalized body art experiences.