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Scientology representatives spoke at European Parliament about their humanitarian campaigns in Europe

Brussels, Belgium, 23rd Apr 2024 – At a recent interfaith gathering at the European Parliament called the Faith and Freedom Summit III, representatives of the Church of Scientology took the stage to highlight their various humanitarian programs and express their experiences in collaborating with other religious groups in serving communities across Europe and worldwide.

The event, moderated by Ivan Arjona-Pelado, President of the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights, provided a platform for different faith traditions like Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Freemasons and others, to showcase how they positively contribute to society through charitable efforts, moving past conflicts and controversies.

Arjona, who moderated the event, was the first to take the stage, setting the tone by emphasizing the Summit’s goal was to move past religious conflicts and instead focus on how different faiths contribute positively to society through good works.

Among the organizer and speakers were four Scientologists – Olivia McDuff, Ettore Botter, Ivan Arjona-Pelado, and Eric Roux – who shared insights into Scientology’s scriptural values of helping others and their church’s sponsored initiatives always inspired by the teachings of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Olivia McDuff who oversees public affairs for the Church of Scientology International highlighted the significance of religions coming together to support humanitarian efforts. “Through my experience I’ve seen the incredible work being carried out by groups and faith-based organizations. A story that often goes unnoticed ” McDuff remarked. “It’s crucial that we amplify this narrative and shift our focus towards it.”

She mentioned initiatives supported by Scientology like the Foundation for a Drug Free World, Youth for Human Rights, volunteer minister teams for disaster response and educational programs, on morals. McDuff showed willingness to work together saying, “We are very happy, and I encourage you to continue the work that you do. We’re happy to partner with you.”

Ettore Botter, in charge of the church’s humanitarian campaigns in Padua, Italy, shared gripping stories and videos documenting Scientology volunteers’ extensive relief work after natural disasters across Europe, including earthquakes in Croatia and Turkey, and floods in Italy.

Their efforts included cleanup operations, delivering essential supplies like food and sheets, and disinfecting places of worship using Scientology’s decontamination protocols. Botter emphasized the volunteers’ commitment to serving impacted communities until the work was completed, sometimes for over a year. “Working alongside volunteers from different organizations breeds incredible camaraderie. I hope we can coordinate more closely during future disasters, not just in Italy but also in places like Croatia and Ukraine we’ve responded to. It’s so rewarding to collaborate with others who share the same driving purpose, getting to know each other and gaining confidence that we’re united in serving those in need,” Botter said, underscoring their dedication regardless of religious affiliation.

Eric Roux, Vice President of the European Office of the Church of Scientology for Public Affairs and Human Rights, also chair of EU Brussels FoRB Round Table, promoted the United Religions Initiative (URI) – an interfaith cooperation network of over 1,000 groups from diverse religions working together on chosen causes like disaster relief or values education.

“Each of you have said you work with others and want to work more together in what you’re doing,” Roux stated. “URI is exactly that kind of organization…I think working together can amplify a lot what every one of us is doing good.”

The Scientologists’ speeches showcased their church’s focus on uplifting communities globally through humanitarian aid, disaster relief, social betterment programs, and a willingness to collaborate across religious lines.

As the event’s discussants made clear, fostering interfaith cooperation on charitable initiatives remains a key aspiration for building a better world.

The Faith and Freedom Summit III served as a reminder that faith-based organizations can be formidable forces for good when they pool resources and work cooperatively across differences towards the shared goal of serving humanity.

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